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Are you interested in exploring a new culture? Or perhaps you just want to backpack your way around the world. 

Either way, learning a new foreign language can open doors to new and exciting opportunities. It will help you communicate better and connect with more people.

But how to get started? Gone are the days of reading “Learn German in 1 month” type of books. This is the age of language learning apps! 

Applications like LiveXP and Preply help you learn almost any language in a very fun way.    

Learning a new language can also be just for enriching your vocabulary. Whatever the reason is, here are the best apps for learning a language to make things easy for you.    

Apps For Learning Language

Check out these fantastic language learning apps


LiveXP is one of the most highly recommended applications for learning a new language. From Arabic, Chinese, German, French to English – this platform has it all. 

The user interface is pretty easy to use and interesting. With over 20 international languages learning here is fun!

You can start with a trial session at an affordable price. Then, you can check out an available instructor’s qualifications and enroll in their class. 

One-on-one private lessons are available on the app for iPhone users so it means you can study really wherever you’re.


  • Choose from 30, 45, or 60-minute learning sessions 
  • Larger session packages come with exciting discounts 
  • You see a tutor’s qualifications and ratings before enrolling in a class 
  • Use trial lessons before buying packages of lessons


This is another excellent application for learning languages that has also made a name for itself. Offering more than 50 languages, you can easily learn English, Spanish and Chinese, with their amazing tutors. 

The application is available for Android and iOS platforms. In addition, the app offers you plenty of features to learn any language. 

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